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Leadership Development

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We aren't born with leadership skills and it's a subject rarely taught in a structured way; so how do you ensure your leaders are prepared to lead their teams to success?


Ongoing leadership development programs instill critical traits and characteristics into your leaders while building an internal network of mentors and peers they can rely on in the future. 


We've designed an annual program that can be adapted to fit any timeline. The quarterly subjects build on the previous workshop and the group coaching focuses specifically on your organization's leadership goals while building bonds between the participants. 


Team Meeting

Leadership Development 

Program Essentials 


  • Four focused quarters of leadership development

    • 4 x 1/2 day workshops

    • 1 x EQi-2.0 assessment per participant​​

      • Additional workbook provided to accompany assessment results​

    • Check-in/development calls with stake-holder prior to each workshop and mid-quarter​

  • Group coaching

    • 90 minute group sessions aligned with specific leadership development topics​

      • 3-5 participants per group​

      • 1 monthly session per group

  • Coachmetrix account​​

    • Goals-focused tool utilized to demonstrate measurable results and provide accountability​

    • Portal for communication between coach and client, and client supporters

    • Additional resources: worksheets, journal prompts, reading lists, etc. 

  • Additional materials

    • Workbooks/worksheets, journal, journal inserts, assessment reports​

  • Optional items

    • Company culture survey, in-person or electronically​

    • Additional assessments (Forte, DiSC or Tilt provide great communication value when added to the third quarter)

    • Individual coaching packages


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