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As a Leadership, Communication & Culture Consultant I help organizations move forward. My leadership, culture and communication skills are rooted in a three-decade military career that allow me to enter troubled corporate environments with a different perspective. I’ve worked at the Executive level in organizations with more than 45k people and multi-billion-dollar budgets; I know what it takes to lead incredible teams rooted in great culture.

I’m deeply skilled in Operations Management, Organizational Leadership, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Information Security, Organizational Development, Organizational Communication, and Public Speaking. I'm a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach and hold certifications in EQI and TILT assessments. I've been to every leadership course the military has to offer and coached countless people, organizations, and teams to success.


My workshops and public speaking are built from decades of leadership and mentoring at the executive level and in small, elite combat teams. I can tailor to many topics and my style centers around plain language, often using a simple, who, what, when, where, why and how concept, all aimed at improving leadership, communication, culture, and team-building. 


Public Speaking

  • Keynotes individualized to suit your organization's needs

    • Leadership, Communication, Culture Development, and much more!

  • Podcast & Youtube Guest

Giving a Presentation


  • Custom built workshops based on your organization's needs

  • Driveway to Driveway Leadership

  • Leading During Stressful Times

  • How the Voice in Your Head Affects You and Your Leadership


  • Organizational development

  • Communication - breaking free of silos 

  • Cross-functional leadership

  • Company culture development

  • Build to suit your needs!

Modern Work Desk

Assessments & Certifications

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