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Public Speaking

Design to Fit Your Needs

  • Jody speaks on a number of different topics and to an audience of any size. A few areas of his expertise are listed below but he can tailor to your organization's specific needs: 

    • Leadership

    • Strategic & small-team communication

    • Importance of network building (people)

    • Leading in times of crisis/stress

    • Company culture development

    • Building high performance teams

    • Leading cross-functional teams​

Jody Fletcher & Morgon Latimore Co-host

Jody and Morgon share a passion for leadership, love and people. “That L Word” is their brainchild born over the best Mexican food downtown Jacksonville, NC has to offer and is meant to evoke the word, “Love” in the same conversation as, “Leadership.” We believe that leadership and love belong in the same sentence and aren’t afraid to cut past the noise and talk about what really matters. 


On “That L Word” we talk about love, empathy, trust, loyalty, listening, life, and ALL of the other things that people are afraid to say out loud in the same sentence with leadership. Leadership is ALL about people and people have feelings, leaders included - so get in here! Sit down and let’s talk about the stuff that might make you uncomfortable, but will absolutely make you a better person and leader!

Click a link to go to That L Word Channel!

Guest on Podcast or YouTube Show 

  • Jody is always happy to speak on podcasts or Youtube channels and does not charge for being a guest or co-hosting. 

  • Below are some of the shows he's appeared on. He's comfortable speaking on just about any topic (he does not discuss politics or religion) ​


3 to 5 Words Segments on YouTube


"Give It To Me In 3 To 5 Words" is my weekly segment - Leadership concepts in 3 to 5 words discussed in less than a minute. I post weekly in these locations: 

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