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Jody has decades of experience in speaking and facilitating workshops in leadership development, communication, organizational culture and team development.


e5's workshops are centered around self-awareness, appreciative communication and how being a good human factors into being a great leader and teammate. 


We guarantee three things: 

1. Your increased self-awareness will have a lasting impact on your personal and professional life.

2. You will have fun! My workshops are delivered through the lens of pop culture, making them entertaining and relatable for everyone. 

3.  You WILL emerge a better leader!

Examples of Workshops

Driveway to Driveway Leadership

  • Designed to focus on the practice of engaged leadership and the effects it has on increasing motivation, teamwork and productivity. 

    • Who is the person driving into work?​

    • What motivates them?

    • When are they most effective, happy, and productive?

    • Where do they fit in the team? 

    • Why would you recommend or withhold their promotion?

    • How can your knowledge of them make you a better leader and make them a more effective member of your organization?

How the Voice in Your Head Affects You, Your Leadership & Your Team

  • Focuses on the importance of understanding how the voice in your head impacts you, your peers and those you lead. 

    • Who is the voice in your head?

    • What impact does it have on you?

    • When is it most productive?

    • Where can you meet the voice in your head on equal terms?

    • Why is it important that your inner-voice be your biggest supporter?

    • How does the voice in your head affect your life, your leadership abilities and your team? And how can you make it work for you? 

Leadership During Crisis

  • Skills, techniques and insight for teams of any size that are under the gun and need to perform. 

  • Defining the crisis! 

  • ​Calm breeds calm - how freaking out never helped anyone. 

    • Who is leading the team?

    • What is causing the stress?

    • When did the stress begin?

    • Where are you most vulnerable?  

    • Why is training the team prior to the crisis so important?

    • How can you get the situation under control and move through it? 

  • I can design and build workshops around your specific needs so please reach out and let me know how I can help if these don't fit into what your organization needs. 

"Command Master Chief Fletcher is powerful team-builder, mentor, and leader!"   

Lieutenant General - USMC

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