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Examples of Workshops

Driveway to Driveway Leadership

  • Designed to focus on the practice of engaged leadership and the effects it has on increasing motivation, teamwork and productivity. 

    • Who is the person driving into work?​

    • What motivates them?

    • When are they most effective, happy, and productive?

    • Where do they fit in the team? 

    • Why would you recommend or withhold their promotion?

    • How can your knowledge of them make you a better leader and make them a more effective member of your organization?

How the Voice in Your Head Affects You, Your Leadership & Your Team

  • Focuses on the importance of understanding how the voice in your head impacts you, your peers and those you lead. 

    • Who is the voice in your head?

    • What impact does it have on you?

    • When is it most productive?

    • Where can you meet the voice in your head on equal terms?

    • Why is it important that your inner-voice be your biggest supporter?

    • How does the voice in your head affect your life, your leadership abilities and your team? And how can you make it work for you? 

Leadership During Stressful Times

  • Skills, techniques and insight for teams of any size that are under the gun and need to perform. 

  • ​Calm breeds calm - how freaking out never helped anyone. 

    • Who is leading the team?

    • What is causing the stress?

    • When did the stress begin?

    • Where are you most vulnerable?  

    • Why is what you're doing so important?

    • How can you get the situation under control and move through it? 

  • I can design and build workshops around your specific needs so please reach out and let me know how I can help if these don't fit into what your organization needs. 

"Command Master Chief Fletcher is powerful team-builder, mentor, and leader!"   

Lieutenant General - USMC

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