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e5 Process

During coaching or organizational development you will:

engage - in honest conversation with yourself to become more self-aware.

explore - your passions, challenges, possibilities, and the direction you wish to go as a leader, team member, or organization. 

evolve - the feelings surrounding your goals, how they fit into your life, and affect your path forward.  

emerge - with clarity, courage, confidence, purpose, accountability and increased self-awareness. 

enrich - the relationship with the voice in your head and your personal and professional connections.  

Simplicity and plain language are the best way to discuss real change. "One size fits all" simply doesn't apply to life. What works for some may not work for you.


The five, "e's" aren't a magic template, they're just a simple way to understand how I coach, listen, train, educated, and help move clients toward realizing their goals and enriching their personal and professional lives. 

Ready to start evolving?

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